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Public Art Services was founded by John Grant in 2000.

Since then we’ve helped to bring countless works of monumental public art to life. As a Creative Project Management Firm we offer services to artists, Public Art Programs, and developers, advocating for our client from project submission to installation and project close-out. Through partnerships with skilled fabricators, engineers and consultants in all fields, we are able to offer services world wide. Our mission is to preserve your creative vision and provide support every step of the way.


From ideation to installation, we advocate for our clients throughout the process.

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We ensure your proposal will stand out.

We guide our clients through the RFP/RFQ process, providing application review and input. Once a proposal has been accepted we advocate for our client during contract review and assist in budget development as well as design review. Click here for our full range of services offered.

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We help your artistic vision come to life. 

Through our decades of experience and strong relationships with skilled fabricators, engineers and contractors, we offer the highest level of expertise in all fields. We keep track of the day to day so you don't have to. Click here for our full range of services offered.

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We provide our clients the highest level of service.

Our experienced team of consultants are an integral part of our process. We offer engineering stamps in every state along with top rated lighting design, architectural assistance, site management and much more. Click here for our full range of services offered.