Meet SPOT!

Installation is currently underway in NYC for Donald Lipski's most recent work of public art. 'SPOT!' now lives at the NYU Langone's new Hassenfeld Children's Hospital. Donald Lipski has designed a sculpture sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of the patients and families who enter this new state of the art facility. Lipski wanted to make something so astounding it would distract even those arriving for the most serious procedures, and so lovable that young patients coming back again and again with chronic conditions would see SPOT! as an old friend. "I like to think that the parents, the doctors, the nurses, the staff and the neighbors, will all be smitten by this playful, heroic young dog doing the impossible. Art has actual healing power," says Lipski when describing the 2 1/2 story tall Dalmatian balancing a taxi cab on it's nose. Click here to read more about this project. 

New York_NYU Childrens Hospital_SPOT_Donald Lipski_Public Art Services_J Grant Projects_16.JPG

Special thanks to everyone who made this project possible:

FAST Corp, Nick Geurts and Ryan Elmendorf of Yetiweurks Art + Engineering, Christopher Collins, Jamie Powell and his team at Maaco, Dynamite Graphic, a team of riggers and installers from Crozier Fine Arts, led by Susie Parker, Katherine Meeham the Manager of NYU’s Public Art Program and Collection and many more.