The Shape of Things

Donald Lipski’s creative practice is deeply rooted in a lifetime fascination with everyday objects, often discarded by others and discovered and re-contextualized by the artist. These objects begin to work together and find their potential when paired and grouped together into assemblages. Most notably his installation entitled Gathering Dust, comprised of thousands of tiny sculptures pinned to the wall, was first exhibited at New York's Artists Space in 1978, and months later at The Museum of Modern Art as part of their Project series. Since 1993 Lipski has been increasing the scale of these assemblages in the context of public art, furthering an artistic practice developed through the exploration and experimentation with items typically viewed as utilitarian. We’ve been fortunate to work with Lipski on numerous projects over the years and it’s always inspiring to see his creative process unfold.

In a recent article for Glass Quarterly Magazine Eve Aaron perfectly captures Lipski’s excitement when discussing his artistic practice and how it relates to the viewer.