Los Caballos, William Matthews, 2019

SERVICES PROVIDED: Design coordination, Materials research, Budget management, Engineering coordination and oversight, Fabricator bid process, Fabrication oversight, Lighting design development, Shipping, Installation services, Scheduling, Project close-out.

For the new Dickie’s Arena in Fort Worth, TX Denver based painter William Matthews’ created a stunning watercolor painting that captures the spirit and history of the West. The original watercolor painting was translated into an eye catching 63' x 12’ 2” mosaic smalti tile mural that sits above the South entrance of the new 14,000 seat, 230,000 square foot Dickies Arena, adjacent to the Will Rodgers Memorial Campus in Fort Worth, Texas. Each side of the mosaic smalti tile mural is flanked with 12’ 2” tall bronze bas-relief sculpture of a cowboy on one side and a Comanche on the other. The bronze bas-relief sculptures were adapted from Matthews’ original watercolor painting into sculptures by Texas-based artist and Cherokee Nation member Buckeye Blake and then later translated into bronze in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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